Vero Liability Insurance

New Zealand's only specialist Liability Insurer

Liability Insurance and the management of litigation risk is a complex business requiring expert knowledge and flexibility in order to meet the challenges of a continually changing environment. The diverse nature of “long tail” legal risk is such, that an Insurer dedicated solely to this area and whose insurance products, services and reinsurance can be tailored specifically to New Zealand conditions is critical.

Vero Liability is such an Insurer, committed to providing its products and services via professional insurance brokers and agents. Vero Liability understands that its clients and insurance advisors require dependable underwriting and claims management services. In recognition of this we are committed to providing insurance that actually fits with the requirements of the insured and are proud to have people with the experience, skill and commitment to deliver the best service and value to insurance buyers backed up with an unrivalled claims service.

Being a wholly owned subsidiary of the Suncorp Group, means that Vero Liability can utilise the scale of Suncorp in terms of financial and governance issues, leaving the staff and executives of the company the time and resource to completely focus on clients and the management of their claims.